summer pasta salad

Red onion (1 small)
Peppers (1 medium)
Courgette (1/3)
Cherry tomatoes (10)
Walnuts (4/5)
Sunflower Seeds (1 tsp)
Cucumber (2 tbsp)
Penne (however much you want)
Olive oil

Whatever veg you have should be fine.
Herbs and spices are welcome but not necessary.

Cook pasta according to directions on packet. Leave to cool or serve warm.
Chop the onion and peppers into strips and fry in olive oil.
Allow whole cherry tomatoes to fry a little.
Chop courgette into blocks and fry until golden and cooked.
Roughly chop walnuts and sunflower seeds.
Cut cucumber into small cubes.
Mix everything together, halving the cooked tomatoes. Add extra olive oil and season with salt and pepper.