simple oat cookies

Leftover oat pulp from making oat milk (recipe here)
Maple syrup (about 1 tbsp)
Chocolate chips (as many as you like)
Flour (I used oat flour, but I’m sure regular flour is fine)

Raisins, coconut sugar, vanilla, nuts, flax seed

Simply mix everything together and form into cookies. Bake until crisp on top.
It’s best to make these immediately after making oat milk so that the pulp is still wet.
To play around with the texture add more flour, a flax egg, etc.


morning chocolate shake

Oat/soy/hemp/almond milk (500ml, use as much as you want to drink)
Spinach (a handful, or however much you want)
Instant oats (4-5 tbsp)
Ground flax seed (1/2-1 tsp)
Coconut sugar (1/2-1 tbsp)
Vanilla (a few drops)
Cocoa powder (3 tsp)

Vegan protein powder, maple syrup, green tea extract

Blend the spinach with a little of the oat milk until smooth. Add in the rest of the ingredients, blend, and serve.

oat milk

Oats (1 cup)
Water (3 cups)

Dates, vanilla

Blend oats and water together then strain through muslin cloth or something similar.
This milk will separate but once shaken up is fine.
Smoothness depends on how finely it has been strained but in a shake or smoothie the texture isn’t so important.
Use a ratio of 1:3 of oats:water and use within 3 days.

If you want to know what to do with the leftover oats, click here.

mixed fruit oats

Oats (as many as you want, 80g is a regular portion)
Soy/oat/hemp/rice/almond milk (enough to cover the oats)
Mixed frozen berries (as many as you like, fresh would be even better)
Apple (1, cubed or grated)
Goji berries (small handful)
Syrup (maple, golden, agave, etc 1 tsp – brown sugar is also fine)

Vegan protein powder, other fruits, nuts, nut butter, dates

Add everything together in a pan and cook on medium heat for 5-10 minutes or until oats are cooked and ingredients are combined.
To reduce sugar intake, use 5-6 chopped dates and omit syrup.

chocolate date shake

Dates (5-6 chopped small, more for a bigger or sweeter shake)
Soy/oat/hemp/rice/almond milk (500ml, or as much as you want)
Cocoa (1-2 tbsp)
Instant oats (1-3 tbsp)

Banana, syrup, vanilla

If using a low-power blender, blend the dates with some of the milk until very fine.
Add in the rest of the milk and ensure dates are fully blended.
Add in cocoa and instant oats (instant oats aren’t essential but add some thickness to the shake).

cinnamon apple oats

Oats (however many you can eat, 80g would be a moderate portion)
Apple (1/2-1, grated or cubed)
Soy/oat/hemp/rice/almond milk (enough to cover the oats, can sub half milk for water)
Brown sugar (1 tbsp or to taste, other sugar is good too)
Cinnamon  (1 tsp or to taste)

Raisins, other toppings, whatever you like.

Mix all ingredients together in a pan over a medium heat.

choco oats

Oats (however many you fancy, 80-100g should last a few servings)
Cocoa powder (around 1 tbsp, or more if you like)
Syrup (any syrup is good here: maple, golden, rice and agave nectar – 1.5 tbsp should do it)
Sugar (whatever you’ve got: white, brown, coconut – 1 tbsp should be enough)

Chia seeds
Sunflower seeds
Any nuts/seeds/whatever you fancy- I like sunflower seeds and chia seeds but wouldn’t pass up a hazelnut or two.

Mix all ingredients together. If you like bigger clusters, add more syrup, if you like it sweeter add more sugar, etc.
Place on a baking tray covered with baking paper. Spread out the mixture a little.
Bake for 15-20 minutes at 170°C.
Allow to cool and harden for a bit.
Serve with the milk of your choice or have the choco oats on their own.